I am a greeting card maker and small business owner first, but I will also be perfecting the art of pet photography.

During the initial phase of setting up my greeting card business, I took the plunge and purchased professional photography equipment knowing I would need it for my products. I was already really into photography as an art form, so by no surprise to me, I slowly became addicted to it. Juggling my love for photography and the business became too difficult with a full-time job in healthcare, so I knew I had to pick one or the other.

Over the last year, I have photographed my travels, friends, events, babies, pets, and pretty much anything else I could legally capture. In doing so, I realized which subject I liked the best: Animals! This is why:

  1. Animals are adorable and I like that they can be challenging to photograph.
  2. I can totally use some of these photos for cards later….
  3. My business evolved as a creative expression by which we could somehow help local animal charities, and that is something we wish to uphold.

My sister’s devotion to the safe haven of homeless animals is inspirational, but we cannot change the world by ourselves. Building up a small paper company focused on sharing kindness and building awareness of animal cruelty is my way of giving back to our community just like my big sister. On top of donating a portion of sales from Revelry Ink to local animal charities, I have also committed myself to mastering pet photography in order to take high quality pictures of foster animals looking for their forever homes.

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Danielle Grbavac is a freelance pet photographer, card maker, and stationary designer. The core of all her work aims to answer one simple question: How can we leave this world better than we found it?

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