Product Review: 3 Layer Cat Track Tower (Amazon)


Gizmo absolutely loves his blue swat track. Unfortunately, it is a bit too noisy to leave out late at night and looking a little drab these days. After seeing similar products to this 3 layer track floating around on Instagram I decided to give one a try.

At first glance, the new cat track is certainly less durable than the original and contains inferior toy balls. The slots on the top are also too narrow to fit a paw in, which is a feature that Gizmo uses often during playtime. Obviously the new track is also bulkier than the original because it has multiple layers, but easily flattens for storage. I cannot speak to how well it will hold up if taken up and down frequently since the plastic seems to be pretty thin.

For the first test, I placed the green track on the floor for Gizmo. He would play with it for a minute or so, but quickly lose interest in it. Next I placed the old toy next to the new toy and he would go back and forth, but mostly played with the old toy. I suspect that he enjoys the old toy because he can access it from the side and top, plus the sounds it makes when the ball rolls around. For the final test, I replaced the cheaply made cat toy balls with some plastic ones I had on hand with bells on the interior. With the slight modification, Gizmo went back and forth between the two and even played with all three layers for the first time.

GIZMOS RATING: 4 out of 5 paws (after modification) otherwise 2 out of 5 paws

Both versions are great toys and I will likely keep both since the stow away nicely. I added some sturdier balls in the green one (without bells) to keep the noise level down and leave it out for Gizmo 24/7. Every so often I will pull out the other one to leave out during working hours or on weekends when noise isn’t an issue so he has more variety.

I would recommend this toy only if you extra cat toy balls to replace the existing ones, or try some of the others below. While I have not tested these, they are similar to the old track I have and come highly rated on Amazon. They are all reasonably priced.

3 Layer Cat Track Tower – $7.78 (Amazon)

Swat Track – $10.00 (Amazon)
Turboscatcher – $10.49 (Amazon)
Catnip Hurricane – $14.99 (Amazon)

***Items on Amazon will fluctuate in price over time, so it may be different for you***

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Danielle is a travel junkie, compulsive organizer, and photographer on a mission. She has a weird obsession with cats, anything made from paper, and getting lost in foreign lands.

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