Photography: An Introduction to Snapseed

One very simple way to improve your Instagram feed is to edit your photos before posting them. This allows you to fine tune photos, create a different composition, and correct bad lighting. Snapseed is a free app that is easy to use and really does it all.


Snapseed is a versatile and user friendly photo editing application that is free to download for Apple or Android smartphones and tablets.


Upon opening the program you will be prompted to open a photo. You can do so by clicking the + icon or “open” on the top menu.

Once you open a photo, play around with the top menu to get familiar with it. Moving from left to right on the top menu you will see the first button is used to open images. The one with an arrow can undo/redo actions, or revert to original photo. The next icon provides detailed information about the selected photo, and the last icon provides access to settings and help with the application.

The bottom menu is for editing and exporting. The “looks” button on the bottom left shows you all of the looks (or filters) you can apply to the image. Some are created as a default for the application, but you can also create your own and save them for later. Also notice that the first “look” allows you to use your last edits if you always use the same one for your IG feed. Once a look is applied, you can “undo” it using the top menu button and try some other looks if you wish. Moving to the right you will see a “tools” button which provides a plethora of photo editing tools that I encourage you to play around with. The last button allows you to export your image once you are done editing it. Share it directly to Instagram or save the edited copy in your camera roll for later.


Tune image- manually adjust contrast and brightness, among other things for more fine tuning after applying your desired “look”

Crop- re-frame the image keeping the existing ratio, resize the image, or crop the photos to create expanding photos

Healing- remove unsightly objects or blemishes

Lens blur- choose a portion of a photo as a focal point and blur out the rest of the photo


This is a photo I opened from my camera roll before any editing. What do you think this picture could benefit from?

Gizmo had a little goop in his eyes so I removed it using the healing tool, applied my favorite “look” and then increased the brightness to correct the bad lighting. Here is the final product, which took less than two minutes to edit and upload to Instagram.

This is a very brief introduction to Snapseed. If you found it helpful, and would like to see more tutorials for this app, please post a comment below!

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Danielle is a travel junkie, compulsive organizer, and photographer on a mission. She has a weird obsession with cats, anything made from paper, and getting lost in foreign lands.

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