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Gizmo only has a few toys that he likes to play with, so I’m always on the hunt for similar products to test out. We tried this $11.99 cat track from Amazon in both orientations (figure 8 vs circle) with kittens and full grown cats… This is what we found.

There is some assembly required, but it is fairly easy and straightforward to do. The cat toy is well built with sturdy plastics, and we like the customization aspect of it. My only complaint is that it is fairly difficult to take apart once assembled, but that is an added bonus when considering general durability of the product.

I would highly recommend purchasing this product if your cat likes ball tracks, but a warning to those that have “less dexterous” cats…. there are better options for you like these.

Gizmo really enjoyed the light up ball that came with the circuit ball track, but since he is used to swatting at the ball tracks from the sides of his other toys (shown above) he wasn’t really able to figure out how to use this one. I think he also found it difficult to push the ball over the ramps so it was not very fun for him to play with. With that being said, it was a little easier for him to use when I reconfigured it into a small circle, but he still did not seem to care for it. When Gizmo remained uninterested after leaving the toy out for a week, I gifted the toy to a friend.

We tested out the toy in both orientations (figure 8 vs circle) with kittens and full grown cats. Much to our surprise, the circle orientation was the favorite both times!


As it would turn out, all four cats and kittens LOVED this product when it was assembled as a simple circle rather than the large figure 8 circuit shape. The toy is pretty sturdy, has a nice design, and the light up balls can be replaced for very little money, so it is definitely a great buy. After my friend purchased replacement light up balls and added one to the second track, she essentially got 2 toys out of 1 for what would end up costing less than $15 total… and still has a spare ball for later!

Has anyone else tried out this toy? If so, please share your experience with it in the comments below!

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