Free IG Story Highlight Icons for Cat Lovers

Today’s post features free downloadable highlight icons made specifically for cat people.  If you are not familiar with story highlights for Instagram, stay tuned for my next post which explains how to use them and customize their covers.

Story highlights are fully customize-able now, so you can create cover photos to unify or brand your profile to make it stand out among others. Here is an example of unified story highlight using custom covers from HappeeGilmo:

Each set is free for personal use only and includes the following icons:

highlight icons

Download each variation here by right clicking to download the desired images:


If you used these icons or found this blog helpful, please leave a comment below. If used the images you can also link to your profile so we can check it out!

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Danielle is a travel junkie, compulsive organizer, and photographer on a mission. She has a weird obsession with cats, anything made from paper, and getting lost in foreign lands.

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