How to Customize Instagram Story Highlights

If you have an Instagram account and you are not using story highlights, you are really missing out! In today’s post I will quickly explain why they are useful and how to add your own highlight icons to make your profile stand out on Instagram.

Story highlights allow you to “pin” stories to your profile so followers can view them even after the standard 24 hour period. This makes your content more easily accessible to new users and followers, and allows you to share thoughtfully curated stories within specified categories. Instagram also keeps track of your total view count as long as the story highlight is active, so story highlights can help you figure out what content is most useful to your viewers. Last but not least, they are fully customize-able now. You can create cover photos to unify or brand your profile to make it stand out among others. Ready to get started?

Download free pet-inspired story highlight icons here.

How to add a new story to a highlight

  1. Go to your profile and tap the large plus symbol below below your bio
  2. Tap to select the desired photo/video to your highlight and click “Next”
  3. Once the highlights are added, they will pin to your profile page

How to create a highlight from an active story

  1. Tap on the active story to view it
  2. Tap on “highlight” at the bottom
  3. Tap the plus icon to create a new highlight
  4. Name the highlight, if desired
  5. Tap “Add” or “Done”

How to customize your highlights

  1. You will be able to see any active highlights on your Instagram profile right below your bio
  2. Tap “more” by clicking on the highlight to edit the cover photo
  3. Select the desired image and tap “Done” (Android) or “Add” (iPhone)
  4. Enjoy your new highlight!

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Danielle is a travel junkie, compulsive organizer, and photographer on a mission. She has a weird obsession with cats, anything made from paper, and getting lost in foreign lands.

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