As the second daughter of Croatians coming to America with $300 in their pockets, I learned how to do a great deal of things myself and to appreciate what I have, rather than what can be obtained. I honestly believe that my DIY-centric upbringing led to the development of many hidden talents, and spending time with my kind-hearted parents conditioned me to be much more empathetic and compassionate toward others.

Danielle Grbavac Creative serves to showcase some of my travel photography from over the years.


HappeeGilmo is an instagram account dedicated to my cat – because ever since we adopted him in December of 2017 I became a total cat lady… In October of 2019, I created a blog to share helpful product reviews, free Instagram story templates, project ideas for pet lovers, and giveaways for others that feel the same love for rescue animals.

If you want to help our cause but cannot adopt an animal, we have an Amazon wishlist with items that are needed for kitten fosters. All surplus items, if any, will be donated to a local animal charity in need of supplies.

Thanks so much for your continued support for our pet loving community!

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